CULT : Air is here. Join the Inner Circle today


Silver gilded

1/1000. Exclusive to Inner Circle members only.

First 200 have a unique seal and ribbon variant.

The earth is dying. Scorching-hot fires rage through forests and jungles aided by winds strong rough to tear down buildings and uproot trees. In the northern hemisphere, waters have risen to engulf entire cities and coastlines as previously unthinkable floods and weather phenomena have increased in prevalence. In the south, the earth itself cracks and opens without warning, volcanic eruptions plague areas that were previously thought impermeable to such events.

In the hot, humid carnage the human race survives in pockets, small communities fending for themselves.

However in this chaos has been born a doctrine. Fear of the elements has turned, for many, to respect and even love. A new religion has been born, and its followers take solace in the inevitability of their destruction. Comforted by the words of the old gods, they embrace the elements themselves as their path to salvation, spurred on by fearsome and powerful leaders who preach their One True Path to reaching the afterlife.

The Cults have been born.

Choose wisely.

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