Hops & Barley Brewer’s Reserve Limited Edition

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Limited edition (1000 made) Brewer’s Reserve Copper Edition

A classic, slimline deck with vintage-style tuck boxes of which the paper is made from actual beer by-products such as the remaining hops, barley, yeast and even recycled beer mats and labels.

An homage to the ancient process of beer brewing, Hops & Barley is a classic deck of luxury playing cards for all beer aficionados.

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3 recensioni per Hops & Barley Brewer’s Reserve Limited Edition

  1. cardio

    The tuck material really is unique and deserves to be seen in real life!

  2. Sérgio Sousa

    Fantastic take on “standard” courts. Overall great execution on the theme.

  3. Dean Davis (proprietario verificato)

    This deck is my personal favourite out of the jocu collection i have got and that takes some doing!! The foiling used on the card backs really takes this deck to another level. The use of excess brewing products used in the tuck case is also an amazing idea as well as a unique look. This is a must have for any collector or jocu enthusiast.

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