Beltane Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

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Beltane – The Wheel of the Year Playing Cards series.

Between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is where Beltane is celebrated, the beginning of the sun’s final waxing cycle towards its highest point in late June. With crops and plants ripening and nature being fully awake, Beltaine was celebrated – and is still celebrated today throughout parts of Ireland and the rest of the world – as a festival of fertility, creative energy and fruitfulness.

Designed by Jocu Playing Cards and Evgenia Zhade

1 recensione per Beltane Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

  1. Grayraven

    One of my personal favorite decks. This entire Celtic holiday series is on my ‘necessary purchases’ list. The tuck is lovely and well-executed, while the cards, by Evgenia Zhade, are perfect for this project. A must have for serious collectors.

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