Lughnasadh Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

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Lughnasadh – The Wheel of the Year Playing Cards series.

Lughnasadh (pronounced ‘LOO-nuh-suhd’) was a festival of particular importance to the Celts but overwhelmingly for those in Ireland where it effectively celebrates the founding of the country, and it is still celebrated in many forms today.

It takes place around the time of the grain harvest, grain being a staple food for the Celtic people, and therefore coincides with the height of summer.

Designed by Jocu Playing Cards and Evgenia Zhade

1 recensione per Lughnasadh Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

  1. Grayraven

    Partner deck to Beltaine, I have all the same praise for both decks. Classy, perfectly printed tucks, with well-utilized metallic accents. The cards feel great in hand and couldn’t be more perfectly forged for a project such as this. Can’t wait for the next Samhain and Imbolc!

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