Samhain Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

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Samhain – The Wheel of the Year Playing Cards series.

Samhain was a time for honouring the dead, and would later become the modern Halloween. Legends and stories of heroes, monsters and bizarre happenings were told during these times much like today, and the Samhain deck will explore some of the most curious tales that were said to have occurred during the ‘thinning of the veil’ between the lands of the living and the dead.

Designed by Jocu Playing Cards and Evgenia Zhade

1 recensione per Samhain Playing Cards – The Wheel of the Year

  1. AleF (proprietario verificato)

    Great deck, comfortable to use, I’m really enjoying the back design.
    I personally find Samhain a bit less unique compared to Imbolc but this is without a doubt an amazing deck (just like the others from The Wheel of the Year series).

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