Jocu Production Services

From January 2021 Jocu are offering access to our extensive network of artisanal producers and as well as our slick in-house fulfilment service to other creators of custom playing cards.

We offer the following services individually or as a complete deck production service where we see your campaign through from its initial concept to landing in your customers’ hands.

To find out more about the services we offer, contact us by clicking one of the buttons below.

Crowdfunding Service

Whether you have a fully-designed Kickstarter project or just an idea, tap into our experience as veteran crowdfunders to help bring your deck to life.

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Fulfilment Service

EU-friendly shipment directly from Italy combined with the expert, bespoke service of Brothership in the USA will ensure your fulfilment is simple and pain-free.

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Production Management

Whether it's tucks, coins, gilding or other special items take advantage of our network of the finest artisans in Italy for a real Made in Italy quality product.

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Bespoke Assembly

Save time and money by assembling your decks with us and open the door to custom assembly opportunities such as bespoke advertising cards, individual numbering and seals.

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Tuck Box Printing

Our locally-printed tuck boxes use the finest paper stocks, foils and embossing on vintage printing machines that give a quality the modern ones just simply cannot match.

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Artisanal Production

Whether it's locally-produced coins or beautiful display boxes and brick boxes, our production service gives you direct access to our network and you won't need a word of Italian!

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How can we help?

“I’d love to use your services, but what do you get out of it?”

Your creations are your own and completely independent of Jocu (unless we are producing the deck design itself). We take a small commission from the production process for our translation and management services and fulfilment is paid for from our clear pricing plan that is available on request.

We do not require crediting or even publicity. If you like to keep things mysterious, we can be completely discrete about our role in the project.

“My deck is ready but I need EU-friendly fulfilment, can you help?”

Absolutely! We have done our own fulfilment using our custom packaging ever since our first campaign.

We ship all orders with UPS or the Italian postal service depending on size, and our prices are the best in the EU for playing card fulfilment.

My deck is in production but I need top-quality custom tuck boxes and assembly in Europe as well as shipment to the states. Can you help?

Of course! We assemble all our own decks here using tuck boxes that we produce ourselves with a local artisanal printer.

All decks destined for US and RoW customers are then sent to our US fulfilment partner Brothership, while we take care of the EU ones.

We can take care of the entire service for you whilst just dealing with a single contact.

My deck is currently on Kickstarter and I’m hoping to print my tuck boxes with the same company you guys use, can you help?”

Yes! We have a strong working relationship with our printers and will act as an intermediary and translator between you and them. Give us a shout and we will get your quote together quickly!

“I have some ideas for luxury rewards and add-ons but I can’t find any quality suppliers in my area, can you help?”

We have woodworkers, leatherworkers and metalworkers who specialise in the kind of add-ons and special items that playing card collectors love.

We can act as an intermediary to give you quick, stress-free access to this network and get quotes together quickly.

“I’m going to launch a Kickstarter campaign and have my design ready, but I need some help with the next steps. Can you help?”

We have successfully funded all of our Kickstarter campaigns and would be more than happy to offer our consultation services for yours.

Contact us to see how it works.

“I’m a designer and I have a deck design I’d like to crowdfund, can you help?”

Absolutely! We are however very busy, so can only choose designs that really jump out at us. We would be happy to co-produce the deck with you especially if it fits with the Jocu aesthetic.

“I just have an idea and a dream, can you help?”

Sure! Give us a should via email and we can have a chat.