A Glimpse of the Future: Join The Inner Circle

We are launching an exciting new deck subscription project called The Inner Circle and a few Early Adopter tiers are still available.

The Inner Circle will run independently of our Kickstarter campaigns and is the next step in allowing us the freedom to produce playing cards exactly as we envisage.

Kickstarter is a wonderful tool, but it also comes with a lot of stress, hype and a certain amount of having to ‘market’ what we do.

The Inner Circle will allow us much more flexibility in our designs, more control and larger budgets. This in turn will help us create our most exciting, in-depth and premium decks yet.

The Founders tier has already sold out, but Recruits can still sign up until the first week of November. Our Early Adopters will follow the grassroots construction of our new Inner Circle community website and exclusive webstore along with getting unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to all our future projects as they’re being created.

What’s more, the decks we create will be exclusively for members and will arrive in your mailbox every three months as part of your susbcription, along with other unreleased and unannounced decks funded outside of Kickstarter.

If you want to join this exciting new chapter of the Jocu story, click the following link before subscriptions close!

Join The Inner Circle

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  1. Angela

    I am not sure that I understand what this is. Is it a puzzle hunt? At home escape game? If so. . . I am totally interested!

    1. jocuadmin

      I love that analysis! The behind the scenes access to the production of the decks will indeed take on a more puzzling/interactive side than the usual ‘here’s the ace of spades! What do you think?’ Kind of insight we’d usually do.

      There’s a story and a theme tying together the decks that will require members to participate in order to unlock previews of the artwork and maybe even have a say on the direction some aspects of the deck take.

      I will say if you’re a fan of our past decks, this theme will be right up your alley 🙂

  2. Dean

    Looking to join.. if i join say at the end of February will i still have access to everything? Just a little confused with the dates etc

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