Hops & Barley Fulfilment Update

After some Covid-related delays, the fulfilment for Hops & Barley in the USA and the ROW zones is finally underway. We’re immensely proud of this project and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the decks!

If you can’t wait, check out Tim The Card Guy’s deck review below as one of the earliest backers in the US to receive his package. As always he does a stellar job of going through every detail of the decks and you should definitely check out and subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already.

We LOVE to see posts on Instagram or in the numerous collectors groups on Reddit and Facebook when decks arrive so please do share your unboxings – we rely exclusively on social media and word of mouth so it’d be a great help to us too!

The focus for the rest of the year is now ONDA and we hope to have some news about this soon too. Thank you again for all your support and we’ll see you on social!


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