ONDA Production Update

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all safe and enjoying the holiday season as much as you can given the circumstances.

I wanted to give a quick update to everyone about ONDA, our fourth playing card project.

As backers and Inner Circle members already know, ONDA is now in its final stages of production with both the cards and the tuck boxes here with us in Italy and being assembled as we speak.

The decks will then be shipped to backers of the Kickstarter Campaign before being released on general sale.

If you missed out on the campaign and would like to be notified as soon as the decks become available, you can do so by signing up at the following form. We’ll let you know as soon as they are ready to ship.

ONDA Release Notification Page

Finally, here are some of the promotional shots to whet your appetite. I hope you like them!

Thanks for your continued support.

Anthony and Alessandra

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  1. Jacqueline

    Amazing! Love your designs!

  2. Irving

    I love the design of this deck. When will this be available for purchase. I was not able to order it when it was on Kickstarter. Also what’s the difference in the tuck cases?

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