Fillide Acqua

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Fillide playing cards were inspired by the Sicilian folk legend of the origins of the almond tree and tell a timeless tale of magic and heartbreak passed down for centuries

Fillide, the first project from Jocu, are a brand new concept in professional playing cards for magicians, cardists, gamblers, cartomancers, collectors and lovers of magical things

Our cards don’t just handle beautifully, they tell a story

5 reviews for Fillide Acqua

  1. gandalf

    If there is one work that I could describe this deck would be “Beautiful”. I have the Aqua and got the respective booklet that tells the story of Fillide (tragic love story based on Sicilian legend). The story is beautiful and has been nicely communicated in these court cards (and number cards).

    Some of the best tuck foil (silver foiling) work I’ve seen which had to undergo multiple iteration to get it right. The intricate details are amazing. This deck won the Best Rookie Deck by the United Cardists folks. The cards are awesome and printed by Cartamundi on their “Linen finish B9 stock’ one of the last decks to be printed on that stock. Card handling is great as well. Great to have it in anyone’s collection. I highly recommend both of the Fillide deck. 

  2. cardio

    Great deck of cards! The color of the tuck looks especially nice in person.

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    One of my favorite decks, it fans and riffles perfectly! and the design is so unique

  4. Arianna G

    This deck is phenomenal: soft and smooth, perfect for cardistry. I’m new to this but I’m learning so much with this deck! As for the aesthetic, this is a true work of art. The attention to detail and creativity in the realization are stunning.

  5. Sérgio Sousa

    The deck that started all for Jocu is one of the best decks ever created.

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