DimmiDeck Twin Pack – 50 Versatile Flashcards for Teaching Languages


Welcome to the DimmiDeck section of www.jocu.cards!

This item is for two decks, great for team games! It also includes the DimmiDeck activity pack PDF for free.

Since releasing and working with DimmiDeck regularly since 2017, founder and designer Alessandra Gagliano has focused more on our playing card venture Jocu.

Anthony is still teaching, and there are plans to revisit the DimmiDeck world in the future. However with Covid drastically reducing the opportunities to use such activities in the classroom to their best potential, we have given a back seat to new DimmiDeck products for the time being.

It is recommended you pick up two decks if you want to do team-based activities with the cards.

We are also offering the DimmiDeck Activity Pack PDF for free with purchases during this period. This will be emailed to you after purchase.

For now, feel free to send us any further questions and more information can be found at www.dimmideck.com along with free activities at https://dimmideck.com/category/activities


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