Hops & Barley Deep Amber Ale

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A classic, slimline deck with vintage-style tuck boxes of which the paper is made from actual beer by-products such as the remaining hops, barley, yeast and even recycled beer mats and labels.

An homage to the ancient process of beer brewing, Hops & Barley is a classic deck of luxury playing cards for all beer aficionados.

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2 reviews for Hops & Barley Deep Amber Ale

  1. gandalf

    Fillide and The Green Man are my top playing cards every and a must in any collection. For the 3rd series of playing cards, Anthony and Alessandra turned their attention to beer inspired design. I am an IPA connoisseur but never complain if I have to drink Amber or Pilsner beers 🙂

    Again the art work is surprisingly nice and this time around the court cards are more standard-ish compared to Fillide and The Green Man however the courts and numbered cards are completely customized. The tuck case is made out of recycled beer byproducts and hence has this amazing looking paper for the tucks and each tucks most probably will be unique. The cards are printed on Cartamundi’s B9 slimline stock so naturally handle well and these are awesome for playing card games as well. I got both the Deep Amber Ale Pilsner playing cards and would recommend getting these. Definitely look at getting the foiled tuck “Brewer’s Reserve” cards that I will be getting soon!

  2. cardio

    Well-made tuck, fantastic art on the cards, what’s not to like? B9 stock is a plus too!

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