The Green Man Winter

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The Green Man Winter is now available again!

The Green Man returns for the long-awaited Winter Edition. Featuring a whole new back design, gorgeous blue-foiled tuck box and revisited court cards The Green Man Winter explores the characters of the original Green Man through the harsh winter months.

Designed in Italy by Sicilian artist Alessandra Gagliano, The Green Man playing cards are a celebration of the magic and mythology of the plant world. After the success of Fillide – A Sicilian Folk Tale, Jocu return to ancient art and folklore, exploring this iconic character and delving into the legends behind dozens of plants and trees said to contain magical properties.

The luxurious full-foil tuck boxes were printed under the supervision of our head designer in Italy, and feature bright foils and embossing.

Printed in Belgium on Cartamundi’s premium B9 slimline card stock, our elegant and luxurious playing cards spread, fan and faro beautifully and will bring a dose of real magic to your performances, flourishes and card games.

4 reviews for The Green Man Winter

  1. João Gomes

    Great deck as always!🤫

    Proud part of my collection

  2. Brian Widjaja

    Beautiful addition to the Green Man series. The artwork is impeccable and the Winter Edition adds some minute variations that makes it so special.

  3. James

    This is a beautiful variant of the Green Man playing card series. A definite must have if you are a fan of the Green Man cards.

  4. Federico

    will it return this winter ? 🙂 it looks great!

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