Welcome to the new Jocu website!

Welcome and thank you for visiting the new, fresh Jocu Playing Cards website.

After a busy and exciting 2020, we thought things needed a refresh and that the beautiful cards we’d created with the support of our awesome community deserved to be backed up by an equally beautiful and slick website.

The new webstore is now much cleaner, and divided up by project. As more releases are on the horizon for 2021, this will make things much easier to find rather than sifting through loads of different decks put together on the same page.

Photos and images have been reshot and cropped uniformly to appear identical throughout different areas of the site, and the pages have been created much more logically meaning we can update more easily.

Things should also run a lot faster thanks to stripping back the number of plugins we were using whilst finding our feet with the old layout.

I hope you enjoy it – check back regularly for news updates and exclusive information about upcoming projects.

Thank you for visiting!

Anthony and Alessandra

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